Burning Features

Reinforcing Value through Strategic Token Burns

BIOZ places a significant emphasis on preserving and enhancing the value of its token. One of the major mechanisms through which this is achieved is via the introduction of diverse burning features. These methods of burning tokens are aimed at reducing the overall supply and potentially bolstering the intrinsic value of each BIOZ token.

Detailed Overview of Burning Features

  1. Company Sales-Driven Burns:

    • BIOZ commits to a robust 10% burning mechanism from all company sales. This ensures that a fraction of the revenue generated directly contributes to the reduction of the token's overall supply.

  2. DEX Sell Tax:

    • Transactions on Decentralized Exchanges (DEX) carry a 3% sell tax, which is completely burned. This means that any sale of BIOZ tokens on DEX platforms contributes to a decrease in total token count, imposing a deflationary pressure.

  3. Gaming Burning Mechanics:

    • BIOZ integrates a series of gaming burning mechanics reminiscent of familiar mobile gaming dynamics. Aspects like Power-ups, Fuel, and other in-game utilities, commonly encountered in pay-to-play or pay-to-win scenarios, consume BIOZ tokens. This not only enhances the token's utility within the game but also serves as a consistent burning mechanism.

  4. App Store Revenues and In-Game Purchases:

    • All revenues derived from the Apple Store and Google Play, including in-game purchases, ad removal fees, and revenues from external in-app advertisements, are channeled entirely into burning BIOZ tokens. This introduces a significant deflationary aspect, especially as the games gain more traction in mainstream platforms.

  5. Penalty Fees for Early Claimers:

    • To maintain the integrity and stability of the BIOZ ecosystem, there's a penalty fee mechanism for early claimers. Depending on the timing, claimers may face up to a 30% penalty fee. These fees, instead of being redistributed, are completely burned, reducing the total token supply.

Implications for the Ecosystem

  • Supply Reduction: The combined effects of these burning features lead to a consistent reduction in BIOZ's total token supply.

  • Value Preservation: By curbing oversaturation and reducing supply, these burn mechanisms can potentially contribute to the appreciation of the token's value over time.

  • Ecosystem Stability: With deterrents like the early claimer penalty and sell tax, the BIOZ ecosystem discourages short-term speculation, promoting longer-term holding and stability.

Through these intricately designed burning features, BIOZ strives to ensure that the token remains valuable and scarce, aligning with our vision of a prosperous and sustainable ecosystem for our community.

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