Empowering the Community Through Transparent Financial Structures

Max. Supply: BIOZ

The BIOZ token has a predefined max supply, ensuring a transparent and finite availability. Beyond just being a token, BIOZ is the beating heart of our ecosystem, driving multiple functions:

  1. Governance: As we deeply value our community’s input, BIOZ tokens empower holders with governance rights. This means token holders can have a direct say in future developments, proposals, and major decisions within the ecosystem.

  2. In-game Utility: Embedded within the gaming interface, BIOZ tokens serve as in-game currency. They enable transactions, upgrades, and enhance the overall gaming experience.

  3. Ecosystem Integration: The BIOZ token isn’t limited to just the game. It's intricately woven into our entire ecosystem, from the Apple Store and Google Play Store buybacks to the Affiliate Program rewards.

  4. Freezing & Rewards: By freezing BIOZ, members can earn rewards, thereby incentivizing participation and long-term holding.

By combining robust tokenomics with versatile use cases, we ensure that the BIOZ token is not just another crypto asset but a central cog in our expansive and dynamic ecosystem.

Financial Structure:

The financial structure behind BIOZ ensures that our community remains at the forefront of our ecosystem. Our tokenomics is designed to prioritize our community's interests while maintaining a sustainable and balanced allocation for growth, development, and outreach.

Token Allocation Breakdown

  1. Team & Marketing (7%): 0xA17F127be19829561Bf8f6B200400caA3f57aC29

    • Purpose: Reserved for the dedicated team behind BIOZ and to fund marketing endeavors to amplify our reach.

    • Locking Mechanism: These tokens will remain locked for a period of one year from the date of allocation.

    • Vesting Period: Following the initial one-year lock, these tokens will be vested over the subsequent year, ensuring gradual and responsible distribution.

  2. Treasury (3%): 0x46C5d70C1207724c1645051867d499b3955D157D

    • Purpose: This reserve caters to future operational needs, primarily for potential exchange listings, thereby widening the accessibility and visibility of BIOZ.

  3. Initial Liquidity & Community (~90%): 0x8819AE0D62b1f604375B8BC210c5e40af4865143

    • Purpose: The vast majority of the token allocation goes towards establishing robust initial liquidity and directly benefiting our community members. This allocation signifies our unwavering commitment to ensuring that the community remains the primary stakeholder in our ecosystem.

Safeguarding Interests

By setting a substantial portion of our tokens aside for the community and initial liquidity, we underline our commitment to decentralization and the values that blockchain represents. We believe in the collective strength of our community and aim to reward their belief and participation in the BIOZ ecosystem.

Furthermore, the stringent locking and vesting mechanism for the Team & Marketing allocation showcases our dedication to the long-term success and development of BIOZ. By ensuring that these tokens are released over time, we aim to promote consistent growth and stability for our platform.

In essence, BIOZ's tokenomics is tailored to build trust, transparency, and triumph—laying a robust foundation for an ecosystem where every stakeholder is valued and rewarded.

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